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Obesity is a well known health issue today and there are many resources to help support people in their weight loss journey.   But what about life during and after weight loss?  Did your life change significantly? Did the world seem like a better place? Were all your dreams realized?  For most people who have lost more than 20% of their body weight, the answer is a resounding


Many of us look at our lives after weight loss and wonder why we bothered.  Externally we look different –  but an inner emptiness remains.

Honor-Me is here to help you explore the issues that do not magically go away after you have lost weight.  We know that the psychology behind the weight loss journey and the issues faced afterwards are not well understood by people who have never been obese.   Honor-Me will serve you by understanding who you are, acknowledging the roadblocks you face, provide resources to assist you and generate a network of others just like you. If you need weight loss help and support then Honor-Me can help you.


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Weight Loss Maintenance, Help & Support – Keeping It Off Forever

This is not one of those of a self-aggrandizing ego trip blog sites.  My sole desire, along with the help of my partner Amanda, is to be open and honest in helping others to accomplish what seemed impossible.  Who are we focused on?  Primarily we are focused on people who have lost significant weight.  We want to help you achieve your second goal of keeping it off for the long term.  We also want to help those that have committed themselves to this journey.  We want to show you a better way to look at yourself in the mirror; to see the true you, so that you can “Honor-Me”!

And who is behind Honor-Me that thinks they have some credible comments or answers?   I am a man who spent his adult life up to the age of 45 as a 360lb fat man with little self esteem and no hope.  A man who lost 180 pounds without surgery, worked hellishly hard to keep it off….and wondered why his whole life wasn’t revolutionized as a result.   A man who dared to go find some answers, and in finding them, really started to turn his life around.    You can find out more on the About Us page.

There IS life after weight loss.

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