About Us

About Us


Honor-Me is an effort to combine the experiences and talents of two people in a unique way that can provoke life-change in others. Over the last four years, Pat and I have been percolating on Pat’s experience of weight loss, especially healing the hurts of the past that caused the weight gain in the first place.  Hurts, which if not healed, would most likely lead to regaining some or all of the weight again.


When you first listen to the litany of stories Pat has (and you will get to read these through his blogs), those of us who have never been heavy start to grasp that there is a different psychology around significant weight gain or loss.  It is a psychology that you may understand when it’s told to you, but it is unlikely that you would ever think of it yourself unless you have actually been there.  Thus, unless they have ever been heavy themselves, all the weight loss coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, and medical teams may be able to help you – but only in their own limited way.  Somebody once said to me “an alcoholic always knows another alcoholic” We realized that a heavy person will always be most understood by another person who has encountered the same struggle.  Pat has 360lbs worth of insight he needs to share with other people.


I (Amanda) have never been heavy, but I have been gifted with a heart for others.  I don’t have a psychology or counselling qualification, but I’ve often been told I missed my calling. Along the way I trained in wardrobe consultancy, but I was never in any doubt that beauty starts on the inside and has to be appropriately expressed in the way we dress – not because the fashion industry says you should do this or that, but because “this” or “that” is an honest reflection of the “who that is you”.  Not many people know how to do this.


So combine these things – Pat with his weight loss experience, plus a heart to help the hurt, plus some wardrobe skills, and you have Honor-Me – Honoring who you are from the inside out!


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