Amanda’s Story

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Amanda’s Story

I was born, educated and lived in the UK until moving to the US in 1996.  As the eldest of four children, my story has always been one of caring about others.  As a graduate I joined the National Health Service in the UK in a management role, and continued my interest in health care working for the American Hospital Association thereafter.  I trained as a wardrobe consultant with House of Colour in 2000 and have since combined that life with working in the pharmaceutical industry. My passion is people.  I love to see self esteem grow as I encourage people to see the positive, develop their potential and learn to treat themselves well.  I believe that there is no pain without purpose, and my own experience has shown me that we grow the most during times of struggle – as long as we are prepared to be honest with ourselves and embrace the journey.   My faith base is important to me, but I do not seek to impose it on others – only to encourage people to ask important questions and seek answers for themselves.

I have three children from my first marriage and I married Pat in 2012.  I am convinced that his life struggles, my own, and the things we have learned as individuals and collectively, combine perfectly to bring us to where we are today.  The work that we need to do with ourselves never ends, but I want to share the learnings of yesterday and the joys of today with you as you investigate and walk your own path through life.

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