Pat’s Story


Pats Story

I grew up in the near west suburbs of Chicago IL. I am the middle child of five kids from a blue collar family.  My early childhood can be best described as “ignored”.  My emotional needs were ignored and unmet.  I was not the squeaky wheel, preferring not to engage in the drama created by my siblings.  As middle kids go, I was pretty much left to my own devices.  My family role became that of the scapegoat.  I was also human receptacle for leftover food.  To compensate for being ignored, I did what I thought I need to do to get validation.   I was the peacekeeper, and did what was asked of me to keep those around me happy.  Love in my home was conditional. I don’t blame my family – they just have little insight emotionally.

When I hit puberty my real struggles started. By the age of 14, I weighed 115 pounds.  By my Sophomore of High School – age 16, I was 170 pounds.  By 18 I was about 260  pounds.  At an early age I had developed low self-esteem, and low self-worth, which developed into addictive eating habits.  These issues were only magnified the heavier I got.  However there were the influences – other people and families in my life that helped me realize that there was something better. But it took many years to realize how different life could be for me personally.

My journey has had many struggles, triumphs and failures.  In 2008 my life was rocked by the most simple thing that lead to a conviction to lose weight.  I had lost some before, but always put it back on. I lost 180 pounds, over half  my body weight, in nine months.  I have kept the weight off ever since.   Today  I am healthy, and happily married to the most wonderful, beautiful gift of a woman.   Amanda my wife, has three great kids.  Amanda has experienced her own struggles in life as she deals with an alcohol addicted ex-husband.  Faced with our own struggles of the past, we offer each other hope for something better.  Together we offer you hope and a helping hand.  With Amanda’s partnership and insight we have harnessed our unique but similar struggles to create triumphs that allow us to enjoy the “now” in our lives.  We want to reach out to you and say you can find your path and walk it.  We are willing to walk the path with you.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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