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It has been a year since adominoplasty surgery.  I know I have been horribly slow to post.  The last few months have been very crazy.   Read more

Vanity? or …..


What is vanity, or what is it to be vain? I was in my dermatologist office yesterday to have a couple of things looked at, and as the nurse was preparing me to have a spot biopsied, I thought to ask about the impact of the results and my pending abdominoplasty surgery. While talking I immediately had to add why I was having the procedure.  I had to justify it. Then it struck me, “why do I have to justify myself”?  Read more

Seeing yourself differently

In Pat’s latest blog post he talks about epiphanies.  I like the definition of an epiphany as being an illuminating moment because it speaks very clearly to the experience of many of my house of colour clients.

To sidestep for a moment, I want to differentiate between my perspective with clients and what one will usually find with an image consultant.  The image consultant may say “who do you want to be?”  I say “who are you?”  Read more

What is “Attractive”?

Ever go into work, college, or wherever it is that you go and meet people, and think “what was s/he thinking when then put that on?”  Do you think anyone has ever thought that about your dress choices?


I would love to subscribe to the notion that what you wear doesn’t matter.  But I don’t.  Right or wrong, we impact the decisions people make for us and about us with the way we present ourselves.


I do believe that beauty comes from within. Read more