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“Power of the Other” a Review

I received a new book in the mail called the “Power of the Other” by Dr. Henry Cloud.   The book focuses on the dynamics of relationships or influences others may have upon us, along with the effect that relationship has on us.  How we choose people in our lives helps inspire you to do things in your life you never thought possible “from the bedroom to the boardroom” as the book says.  I am not going to steal Dr. Cloud’s thunder, as you should read and process the book on your own.  As with all his books, you should really buy at least three copies.  A copy for you to read and mark up, the second copy is for a friend to read.  The third copy is for when you want to lend the second copy to someone else but cannot get the second friend to give you the book back because they have marked up the book. Read more


It has been a year since adominoplasty surgery.  I know I have been horribly slow to post.  The last few months have been very crazy.   Read more

Vanity? or …..


What is vanity, or what is it to be vain? I was in my dermatologist office yesterday to have a couple of things looked at, and as the nurse was preparing me to have a spot biopsied, I thought to ask about the impact of the results and my pending abdominoplasty surgery. While talking I immediately had to add why I was having the procedure.  I had to justify it. Then it struck me, “why do I have to justify myself”?  Read more

Abdominoplasty- What lies ahead

Last November my beautiful wife asked what I wanted for my birthday.  I thought about it and told her I didn’t need anything.  I told her that I have all I ever wanted in life and was the most content man I know.   All of this is very true; she and our wonderful children are a true blessing and a gift to me.  I walked away for that conversation with a little whisper in my ear saying “ya, but”.  Read more

How I lost the Weight – Part 1

When I talk to people about my weight loss, they are often overwhelmed with the transformation I am telling them about.  They cannot reconcile the old image with the new.  In a past blog I talked about my HoHo Moment – my epiphany.  So if you want to understand a little better my mindset give it a read.  I want to walk you through what happened next – the exercise routine and my diet.  I will also share some of the nuggets I learned along the way.  I certainly hope a few of them can help spark something in you.  After all, this is your journey.  The process of self-discovery cannot be rushed or gimmicked through. Read more

Mirror Mirror On the Wall…

In Pat’s recent blog on New Year Resolutions, he comments that you can look in the mirror and not like what you see.  I think the reality of not liking what you see applies to many, if not most of us, and not just people who are seeing years of excess consumption, or even just the excesses of the holidays reflected back at them.

I have been reading a book about Elizabethan England (late 1500s), a time in which the “looking glass” was reserved for the richer classes.   Read more

Seeing yourself differently

In Pat’s latest blog post he talks about epiphanies.  I like the definition of an epiphany as being an illuminating moment because it speaks very clearly to the experience of many of my house of colour clients.

To sidestep for a moment, I want to differentiate between my perspective with clients and what one will usually find with an image consultant.  The image consultant may say “who do you want to be?”  I say “who are you?”  Read more

My Ho Ho Moment

What was my epiphany moment – the moment when I knew I had to lose the weight? The answer is all in a package of Hostess Ho Ho’s.


Setting the stage

Let me set the stage for you.  At my largest I was about 380 pounds, 6’0 tall with a waist that was a comfortable 52”.  I had a 56” chest and a neck size of 19” but wore a size 20” for comfort.  I was a big burly guy.  In 2007 my cousins and I decided that we should play softball on a church team.  I thought this would be a great way to hang out with my cousins and have some fun.  Now as a large man who did not play a lot of softball growing up, I was given the prestigious position of catcher.  More for my size than agility.  What developed throughout the season was knee pain after each game.  This pain would subside after a day or two, so no big deal, I thought.  In the spring of 2008 we decided to branch out and play in a different league. This meant more games both in spring and summer.  That hurt!  Not only did I have sore knees, they hurt for longer after each game.  Hip pain developed as well.  Towards the end of summer 2008 I began to make excuses for not being able to play. “Work” became more important than it did in the past. Read more