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“Power of the Other” a Review

I received a new book in the mail called the “Power of the Other” by Dr. Henry Cloud.   The book focuses on the dynamics of relationships or influences others may have upon us, along with the effect that relationship has on us.  How we choose people in our lives helps inspire you to do things in your life you never thought possible “from the bedroom to the boardroom” as the book says.  I am not going to steal Dr. Cloud’s thunder, as you should read and process the book on your own.  As with all his books, you should really buy at least three copies.  A copy for you to read and mark up, the second copy is for a friend to read.  The third copy is for when you want to lend the second copy to someone else but cannot get the second friend to give you the book back because they have marked up the book. Read more

Vanity? or …..


What is vanity, or what is it to be vain? I was in my dermatologist office yesterday to have a couple of things looked at, and as the nurse was preparing me to have a spot biopsied, I thought to ask about the impact of the results and my pending abdominoplasty surgery. While talking I immediately had to add why I was having the procedure.  I had to justify it. Then it struck me, “why do I have to justify myself”?  Read more

Mirror Mirror On the Wall…

In Pat’s recent blog on New Year Resolutions, he comments that you can look in the mirror and not like what you see.  I think the reality of not liking what you see applies to many, if not most of us, and not just people who are seeing years of excess consumption, or even just the excesses of the holidays reflected back at them.

I have been reading a book about Elizabethan England (late 1500s), a time in which the “looking glass” was reserved for the richer classes.   Read more