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“Power of the Other” a Review

I received a new book in the mail called the “Power of the Other” by Dr. Henry Cloud.   The book focuses on the dynamics of relationships or influences others may have upon us, along with the effect that relationship has on us.  How we choose people in our lives helps inspire you to do things in your life you never thought possible “from the bedroom to the boardroom” as the book says.  I am not going to steal Dr. Cloud’s thunder, as you should read and process the book on your own.  As with all his books, you should really buy at least three copies.  A copy for you to read and mark up, the second copy is for a friend to read.  The third copy is for when you want to lend the second copy to someone else but cannot get the second friend to give you the book back because they have marked up the book. Read more

Abdominoplasty- What lies ahead

Last November my beautiful wife asked what I wanted for my birthday.  I thought about it and told her I didn’t need anything.  I told her that I have all I ever wanted in life and was the most content man I know.   All of this is very true; she and our wonderful children are a true blessing and a gift to me.  I walked away for that conversation with a little whisper in my ear saying “ya, but”.  Read more

How I lost the Weight – Part 1

When I talk to people about my weight loss, they are often overwhelmed with the transformation I am telling them about.  They cannot reconcile the old image with the new.  In a past blog I talked about my HoHo Moment – my epiphany.  So if you want to understand a little better my mindset give it a read.  I want to walk you through what happened next – the exercise routine and my diet.  I will also share some of the nuggets I learned along the way.  I certainly hope a few of them can help spark something in you.  After all, this is your journey.  The process of self-discovery cannot be rushed or gimmicked through. Read more

A former fat man responds…

Here is a recent “Letter to the editor that I wrote in response to an article on recent FTC press release on gimmick diet plans and schemes.,0,1022229.story

Of course the article was edited so below was what was actually sent in.  The message is the same.  Read more

Resolutions for Weight Loss 2014

Every year people spend time between Christmas and New Year thinking back at the previous year.  The intent of all of this looking back is to create resolutions about what they would do differently or fix in the coming year.  Our society makes a big deal about making resolutions.  Gyms swell with wishfully determined people in the New Year. January 2nd is the black Friday for the weight loss industry.    Each year people resolve to lose weight, spending billions on gimmick after gimmick that will only lead to frustration and little or no lasting change.  I, like many of them, would slowly stop going to the gym towards the end of January or February.  The resolutions that we were so adamant about are now forgotten.  Worse yet, when people remind us of the resolutions we made we beat ourselves up again because we did not carry through on a promise.  In reality are we making true resolutions or are we wishfully dreaming?  

What is the difference between a wishful thinking and a true resolution?  Search your heart – Have you had your HoHo moment? If you have had a defining moment you have already made a resolution for change.  That is a true and lasting resolution.  (If you are asking yourself if you have had one, you probably have not). So depending on where you are at in your journey you can still commit to changing – you just need to think about what needs to change and what to commit to. Read more

Faith a Perspective

Since we are in the Christmas season I was thinking about faith and the journey I am on with my weight loss, and wanted to share this with you.  I am a man of faith yet I did not  realize my true connection to God until after I had lost the weight.  Hindsight has allowed me to see clearer definition of my faith.  I do not believe that you need to believe in God to lose weight, but I do believe that you  need to have faith in something.   Read more

Holiday Weight Management


The holiday season is a great time of year.  Truly this is my season for spending time with family, friends, the parties and gift buying.   Trying to fit it all in often leads to stress.  Those of us with weight issues or eating disorders will have even more stress during the holiday season.   Read more

Epiphanies Time, Desire, and Growth Part 2


For most of my adult life I wanted to lose weight, and I tried many times.  A few times I succeeded in losing 20, 30 or even 50 pounds.  But in the end I would just put all the weight back on again.  My yo-yo weight loss usually went like this.  I would have an aha moment and I would resolve to change.  I would make some changes and then “something” would happen and I would walk away from those changes.   Read more

Epiphanies Time, Desire, Growth Part 1


Webster’s Dictionary

An intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking:  An illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure

Aha Moment

Webster’s Dictionary

A moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension

Aha Moments vs. Epiphanies

What is the difference between an Aha Moment and an Epiphany?  They seem similar in concept, but in my opinion the true difference comes down to three things; time,  desire, and growth.  You need all three to change an aha moment to an epiphany.  We have all had aha moments – everyone does.  An aha moment may affect you in certain ways, but you can’t have an epiphany without something that over time has built  or creates a desire to grow and change.  It may take a series of aha moments that ultimately build to an epiphany or for some, it could be one defining moment of clarity.  So how does aha moment become an epiphany? Read more

My “Fat Box”

“Fat Box” – A description of the container in which a heavy person holds their perceptions of themselves.  The dimensions of the Fat Box are created by the inhabitant’s reaction to their historical experiences and environment, and is further refined by their current interaction with individuals and circumstances in life.

Definition developed by Patrick Antos


Simply put- People and circumstances put you in a  “Box” of your choosing. Read more