Causes of Obesity

Causes of obesity?  Why am I heavy? Why am I fat?


These are just a few of the questions I asked myself over many years of being heavy. Sometimes I thought if I could just understand how I became obese, I could just do less of “that” and the rest of my life would be better.  Easier said than done, I know.  What I discovered ultimately, were the reasons I couldn’t or wouldn’t change.


I was reading an article that discusses 12 causes of obesity.  Besides the big two, overeating and lack of exercise, this article which discusses 10 additional reasons / factors why we are obese.  Great! Mystery solved! But two questions remain.

Question one:  Why isn’t the entire population obese?  If you look at the factors in the article I can see 8 of 10 reasons why I was heavy, but so can everyone else.  There is far more at work here than outside influences.

Question two: Don’t we already know why we are heavy?  Can you look into a mirror and see why you are the way you are?  Can you make a list – right now?  If we are honest, most of us could.  So write the list and then look at it.  Look and see if you are doing what I did – finding and using any external reason for being heavy.  It is true that all these factors can contribute to obesity.  But what is missing from this list? For me, it was personal responsibility.

Causes Of Obesity – The Truth

I will admit I blamed everyone and everything I could.  For a very long time it was far easier to blame others for my problems.  Far easier to ignore my responsibility for why I was obese.  I did this until one day the mirror was turned inward and I had to face who I, Patrick Antos, really was…with all his misperceptions and misbeliefs about himself.  They may have been encouraged by external influences, but I owned them.  And I had to do something about it myself.  You will learn more about my journey through my blog pages and signing up on the right for additional members features.


My struggle was and is no different than anyone who struggles with weight and weight loss. The difference now is that I have forced myself to own my weight and own up to my underlying issues.  We cannot continue to blame our environment and family.  We live in a society that says it’s ok to blame our issues on our origins and our environment.  We are allowed to say “it’s ok, it’s not my fault”, even “who can I sue for it?”.  The 12 “obese factors” are very easily 12 excuses.  But at the end of the blame game you are still heavy, still obese.   NOW What?


How do you honor who you really are if you allow these 12 external causes of obesity to define you?  You cannot change those factors, but you can look inward and change your mindset.  I have walked the road you are on.    I have struggled where you have struggled.  I want you to discover who you are…focus on the beauty on the inside.  Just see how the outside begins to change when you start to do that!


Without the understanding of who you are,  where you come from and where you want to be, there are only excuses to explain why you are where you are.  Take some steps to start honoring who you are.  Look in the mirror and repeat “Honor-Me”.  As with all things, it starts with you.

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