Keeping Weight Off

Can’t Lose Weight? Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Why can’t I keep the weight off?  

Why am I always on this “yo-yo” weight loss – weight gain cycle?

What is wrong with me?  

What am I really missing?

What is the point if I can’t keep the weight off?  


To understand why we can’t maintain our goal weight, we need to understand what is going on in our bodies.  We also need to understand what is going on in our heads.  Both of these are connected and will continue to derail our efforts if we do not understand how they impact our ultimate goal.  I am not a doctor, scientist, chemist, or psychologist. That being said I will tell you what I have learned from my own experience, discussions with my doctor, gleaned from the Web and discussed with others who struggle with weight loss.  Each of these nuggets fits as a piece of the puzzle that allows me see my big picture and has helped keep all the weight off for over 4 years.


Body Metabolism

Your body metabolism is the engine that drives your body.  Your metabolism is the mechanism that turns stored energy into fuel so your body can work.  So simply put, what you eat is stored for later use as energy.  When you eat more than your body burns your body retains the surplus for later when you need it.  This, of course, is called fat.  When we evolved as humans we were hunters and gatherers.  We evolved with the traits to deal with times of feast and famine.   This is one of the reasons we evolved with the ability to eat all types of foods.  Our bodies will do amazing things when we are hungry and when we are full.  Our metabolism will slow or increase based on not only our exercise / daily habits but will also change with both diet and age.  So we cannot point to one thing and say “do this” or “do that and we are done”.  Some people have a tendency to overeat which triggers the production of insulin in their bodies,  which in turns triggers the “feasting” and they try to eat as much as they can.  This become habitual and you begin to gain even more weight.  More weight will trigger your metabolism to slow because you are now exercising less, or are less active.  The point to all of this is that you need to understand your metabolism.  Not the metabolism of the general public, or people of your size or stature.  You need to understand how your body burns energy.

Fat Cells

What are fat cells.  Your body has a way of dealing with all that feasting by evolving a unique way to store all that excess fat.  Your body creates fat cells to deal with excess food you consume.  Fat cells are like little plastic storage bags.  They fill up and then empty as needed to keep the engine going.  The more feasting you do the more your body will need to create cells to store all the excess reserves.  Now the bomb shell.  Your body does not get rid of those cells as you lose weight.  Your highly evolved body is essentially waiting for the next feast period.  As it was explained to me by my doctor, a formerly obese person who has lost weight will have a far greater propensity to regain weight compared to a person who has never been heavy.  So whatever you call it, being fat, heavy or obese, we are predisposed to easily regain weight.  Can a skinny person gain weight – Of course! But people who have been heavy have these excess fat cells waiting to be used again. Where you have failed to be diligent in the past, you will now always have to watch what you eat your new fact of life..

Can’t Lose Weight? Focus On Your Mind….


Developed Habits  - Focus on your Mind

We are all creatures of habit.  Whether good or bad, things that are repeated often develop into habits.  Once habits are ingrained they are hard to change.  We already know about our physical eating habits.   Habitual thoughts of inadequacy, low self esteem or other destructive thinking patterns will tend to magnify the habitual “body” habits.  This ingrained notion that we are not worth the effort, or that we are not strong enough to change, will over time magnify this habitual cycle.  When this happens we tend to surround ourselves with those things and people who will validate our habitual thoughts and actions, rescuing us from the hard choices we know we ought to make.  This is a key contributing factor as to why we can’t lose weight.


Once you have lost the weight, these habitual thoughts and actions do not suddenly go away. The key to keeping weight off requires the rewiring of neural pathways that control both body and mind.   The struggle will be hard due to the physiology we have established while being heavy. Fortunately the longer you engage new habits, the easier it will be to maintain them.


Welcome to your life

Knowledge is power.  You have overcome so much in your journey so far.   All of this is new and may be tough, and some of this may be even tougher to hear.  But to get to your goal weight and sustain your goal will be a long road.  You must do it for yourself first, not for anyone else.  If you have the genuine support of others who love you, that’s great.  I didn’t…my blogs will reveal that story.  At Honor-Me we want to support your struggle and the road you are walking.  We know this is not easy.  We have been there.  Every study you read will tell you that you are part of a small group of successes for just losing a significant amount of weight.  You are part of an even smaller group to keep it off for more than a year.  Now when you are talking about 2 or more years – that is a truly select group.  There is no mystery here, no gimmicks.  At Honor-Me we are determined to help you keep it off by honoring who you are from the inside out.

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