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Personalized Weight Loss Wardrobe Service in Chicago & USA


Do you have a closet full of clothes and “nothing to wear”?

When you look in the mirror do you want to see “handsome” or “stunning” every morning?

Would you like to feel like a million dollars without spending a million dollars?

….Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? 

Dressing is an art and a science that is never taught in school.  And like most things is life, very few of us have a natural talent for it.  Meantime we spend too much, get frustrated, try again, spend more and still cannot find something that makes us feel great.  Your House of Colour experience will change all of that.  Forever.  Using extensive training in color, style and clothing personality, combined with 13 years as a House of Colour consultant, let me teach you to honor everything about yourself – from the inside out.  You will have an incredible experience uncovering and understanding your own unique dressing formula, revolutionize your shopping trips, dress with confidence and positively impact every aspect of your life.  I am based in the Chicago area, but there are other US based House of Colour consultants too.

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The journey starts like this…


A new world of Color! 

During this inspiring and revealing half day session you will discover the particular blend of colors that are in closest harmony with your natural tones.  Most importantly we take the time to teach the science behind color you will know what works for you, why, and how to apply the knowledge You will learn how to project the best aspects of your appearance. Watching as others are transformed when using their correct colors will reinforce how dramatic the change is for you too – providing you with a renewed sense of excitement and self confidence.  You will take home a fine leather wallet containing your best shades, personalized just for you.  

3-4 People.  $165 per person. Time Commitment – approximately 4 hours.


Style and Clothing Personality

Why does an item of clothing looks great on your friend but average to awful on you?  It’s all about clothing personalities.   This enlightening day will help you discover the clothing shapes and styles that best suit your natural body lines.  We also talk about who you are on the inside – what motivates you, inspires you and how you like your world to be.  This is important because when we try to dress in a way that doesn’t honor our personality and who we are, we come across as phony.  But when you learn to reflect who you are on the inside with how you present yourself on the outside, you will feel relaxed and confident every day.  Among other things we also work on creating your own personal wardrobe, wardrobe planning and management, how to save and when to spend, the language and psychology of dress, and how to know you will never be over- or under-dressed ever again.

3-4 People. $220 per person. Time Commitment – approximately 6 hours


Clients often like to put together a group of friends and go through the discovery journey together.  It’s a great day out.  You will laugh, hoot and holler and leave with a renewed vision and sense of purpose that makes getting up in the morning a better experience.  Be your own best personal shopper – Everything you learn is knowledge that lasts a lifetime!


Seminars and Events

Please ask me about speaking opportunities covering topics such as

  • Language and Psychology of dress – What are you saying about yourself today?
  • Business Casual and the Workplace
  • Women, Fashion and Faith
  • Mommy Reflections – Honoring ourselves when everyone else comes first.

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