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There are no shortage of statistics about weight.  They are all depressing and we can save those for another day.  In addition to the statistics, there is no shortage of guilt and shame we place on ourselves about our weight…

“If only I could take off the weight I could find a spouse, have kids, be a better parent or role model, be happy, feel free, get a better job, be prettier, more handsome, healthier, more successful… change my world!”


It’s all about the weight! – OR IS IT?


Why can’t I lose weight and keep it off?

There are many people who have successfully lost weight, and yet the oft quoted statistic is that 98% of people put at least some of it back on.  And the guilt cycle continues.  Victory was short lived as we plunge back into the cycle of guilt and shame, believing that we were not good enough, all the nay-sayers were correct and we will never amount to anything.   “People hate fat people, God hates fat people, I hate myself”.

As a fat man, I went through this cycle on a grand scale at least twice before I was able to lose and maintain the weightloss.  What I discovered in the process was that it was never about the weight alone.  I had to get insight into the reasons I ate in the first place, and to do that I had to engage in the sometimes painful process of self discovery.  I had to face my demons and banish them.  THAT was where the real victory lay.


Long Term Weight Loss Help & Support

Sadly, there is very little “out there” for people seeking this sort of long term victory.  There are a million diets and a ton of advice that will help to lose weight.  There are diet sites, exercise sites, low-cal recipe sites, calorie counting sites, food delivery sites, personal coaching, life coaching sites…the list is endless, and they can cost any amount of money to access the benefits of.  Here at Honor-Me, we are sure that many of them are great and tell a great many success stories.  I hope they continue to do so, because they are much needed and Honor-Me is not a competitor to them.  Honor-me wants to fill the gap that remains unfilled after losing weight.  We can identify those gaps in a number of ways – mind, body, spirit, emotional, physical, spiritual, head, heart, guts.  Some of these areas will be more empty for you than for others, but over time, honor-me will cover all of them.  With your help, we will end up with a network of wisdom that helps each one of us.

I want to share my journey with you through my blogs – one that started in 2008 and has not stopped – and while I live and breathe on this earth, it never will.  I want to share my story, and you to share yours.  People who have never been obese have a very hard time understanding what goes on in our heads – which might explain why personal trainers and other “support staff” are really good at helping people lose the weight, but no good at helping us to keep it off.  I truly believe that in order to effect long term change, we have to help each other in this regard.  We will not all have walked the same path or for the same reasons.  But whatever your path is, we can be sure that there is commonality in some of the scenery!


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